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About Us

Tahel Organizational Practices leads in - depth processes varied organiztions. The company specializes in two main areas of expertise and derivative solutions:

1.     Change management: Specifying and integrating an organizational strategy that corresponds with the varying business needs and with organization and management capabilities and maturity, including organizational design, culture implementation, leadership development, streamline of work processes, and the method of how to engage the workforce to the new business and organizational strategy.

2.     Various organizational development solutions (best practices) for dedicated organizational needs.

:Our World View

Identifiable added value for our clients in any process conducted with them.

Integrative consulting: Business – System – Human: We are experienced with combining market forces and trends, company strategy; the organization as a system (culture, structure, work processes and management interfaces, etc.); and the human capital (skills, motivations, EI).


Activity and practicality – Operating in an active and responsible manner to help organizations and managers cope with the challenges of a changing, agile and digital world.

Our Values

Partnership and caring – Because trust and closeness, respect and empathy are the foundation of any success.

Courage and determination – Reflecting our perceived truth, even at the cost of popularity.

Modesty – “We are not young enough to know it all”.

Creativity and flexibility – We reinvent ourselves with every project.


Yael Rash Idan, M.A. Applied Organizational Sociology, Haifa University. An experienced senior consultant involved in the planning, formulation and accompaniment of strategic-systemic organizational change processes, specializing in various retail organizations, family owned companies and pharma organizations. Individual IFS therapist.

Yael specializes in:

-  Consulting to senior management and owners 

   toward leading change.

-  Accompanying business and organizational strategy


-  Designing the organizational vision, values, mission

   and identity.

-  Organizational evaluation and recommendations for

   growth and change.

-  Devising a growth supporting plan for organizational

   change and accompanying its integration, including

   organizational structure, processes, occupation

   analysis and job descriptions.

-  Developing leadership through methodologies that

   combine managerial development with parental and

   individual development.

-  Emotional Intelligence practices.

-  Developing work interfaces for partnerships based on

   understanding the system, trust and dialogue,

   focusing on conflict resolution skills.

-  Individual consultancy to executives. Team



Gadi Lifshitz, M.A. Clinical Psychology Bar-Ilan University. A senior and experienced consultant involved in organizational and personal consulting for global and local technological and non-technological companies. Gadi also conduct couples therapy services.


Gadi specializes in:

-  Planning and accompanying all elements of

   organizational change: analysis, org. design, processes,

   roles, and perceptual and behavioral change.

-  Digital transformation and agility processes.

-  Leadership development through various methodologies.

-  Employee engagement.

-  Team development.

-  Developing cross-organizational partnerships based on

   trust and system understanding.

-  Individual consulting for executives. Emotional

   Intelligence practices.

The company owners and founders hold over two decades of experience in organizational consulting and development in various sectors, including hi-tech, medical devices, pharma, retail, capital market and occasional public and third sector organizations.

ייעוץ ארגוני אסטרטגי

We lead strategic organizational consulting processes that help our clients to implement the necessary changes and develop new organizational capabilities toward achieving a congruence between their business needs and their organizational-management system.

We have recently led the process below in several fast growing companies, family companies and large corporations in various industries, which implemented strategic adjustments and changes.


The process of strategic organizational consulting usually consists of the following milestones:

  1.   Organizational analysis.

  2.   Facilitating and directing the business strategy design process – Serving as process experts/facilitators (accompanying a   process of methodical thinking, harnessing the various stakeholders and experts, convergence for decision making and   translating the strategic decisions into a strategic plan) and not as content experts (figures, trends, specific market   characteristics, competitors). We recruit the data experts needed for the process from within and outside of the   organization, as needed.

  3.   Translating the business strategy into the organizational work plan (“The Change Plan”).

  4.   Developing management teams to lead the change and implement strategy (usually performed at the beginning of the   process in order to increase the effectiveness of strategic thinking and to engage team members to the process).

  5.   Leading the organizational change and development processes intended to support the achievement of the business   goals.

We believe that change is a law of nature. In every change process, we develop and integrate a model suited to the specific organization – its business environment, objectives, culture and maturity – all while studying and jointly thinking with our clients, expressing respect, sensitivity and empathy.

As we see it, for organizational change to succeed, it must

  • Suit the organization’s business and system needs.

  • Engage all stakeholders and invoke inspiration.

  • Be clear, structure, rapid and flexible.

  • Correspond with organizational readiness, thus it will sometimes be gradual.

  • Need to be managed with determination, sensitivity and empathy.

  • Be carried out through organizational partnership and dialogue – people may express their opinions and make a difference.

  • Be conducted optimistically and with positive consultant energy.

פתרונות לפיתוח ארגוני

The advantage of veteran consultants like us is the mileage that we have with a wide variety of local and global, enterprises and startups companies in various industries. We have met with various cultures, different managerial styles, growth and crisis situations. We have cracked diverse organizational needs and successfully tailored optimal solutions.

Alongside the advantage of experience, we continue to learn, acquire new skills and introduce new methods. We are professionally fresh, curious, energetic and passionate.


Following are some of the solutions implemented in recent years:

  1.   Management team development in times of change and in general.

  2.   Leadership development, placing an emphasis on leading a digital revolution and implementing agile management.

  3.   Enhance of cross organizational effectiveness, trust and collaboration through various methodologies like core teams,   internal partnerships and the establishment of Centers Of Excellence.

  4.   Implementing methods for employee engagement and career development.

  5.   Developing business unit and site management teams.

  6.   Remote management (even before Corona).

  7.   Developing EI practices as part of our partnership with Genos International.

  8.   Developing a culture and processes that promote continuous organizational innovation.

  9.   Individual consulting to managers at all levels.

  10.   Developing HR leaders as organizational development and training leaders.

  11.   Establishing and implementing updated performance management processes.

  12.   Developing a cadre of internal mentors.

And more…

פתרונות לחברות טכנולוגיות
Spiking tech, fluently  

With an extensive experience in tech companies, from global enterprises to just born startups, we have developed a customized suite of products and solutions. The products are tailored to the needs, language, style, and pace of tech companies …


  • Agile leadership - A unique leadership program for mid-level leaders in organizations that need to accelerate and to scale.


  • Employees engagement and personal development practices.


  • Mentoring practices for managers – Mentoring mindset and best practices.


  • Enhance business understanding for R&D leaders.


  • Team development - How to lead your team’s development to operate at its best.


  • First time managers development program.


  • Leading across - Enhance of organizational understanding; how to develop trust and to enhance collaboration; how to engage and influence; managing up.


  • Training programs for senior ICs – How to impact in a complex organization.


  • Training programs for Scrum Masters.  


  • Managers community – Managers peer learning group.


  • Various consulting solutions – Personal mentoring, leading team development processes, HR strategy development, change management, and more.

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