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Leading in an agile organization - A leadership program

R&D organizations integrate and implement advanced development approaches and methodologies, most of which are presented under the Devops and Agile umbrella (SCRUM, Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, Kanban and others). 
Each of the methodologies present different professional and conceptual emphases, but when reviewed from a management and leadership standpoint, they demonstrate a common denominator that defines the role perception and management and leadership skills required of managers in R&D organizations:
  1. Employee development and empowerment, enabling them to function as Self-managed Employees and Self-managed Teams.
  2. The manager as a process facilitator (process matter expert) and not the problem solver (subject matter expert).
  3. Managing various professional disciplines in which the manager is not the content expert.
  4. Management derived of understanding the market, the product and the clients, and not just the technological perspective.
  5. Striking a balance between Zoom In (delivery) and Zoom Out.
  6. Integrating a culture of learning and drawing conclusions.
The importance of these perceptions and skills entails a change in manager’s performance and determines their ability to achieve increasingly challenging and complex objectives. 
This leadership development workshop focuses on R&D organizations leaders.  It was developed through experience, understanding and a deep acquaintance with the processes prevalent in R&D organization recent years.
The Learning Process:
  • A workshop consisting of 6 sessions (3 to 4 hours each)
  • Applied learning
  • Combination of case studies and dilemma analysis.
  •  Individual coaching or small-group supervision sessions can be integrated within the program.

Main Topics
  1. Critical Success factors for a managerial position in an organization that implements innovative development methodologies.
  2. How to develop my team into a multidisciplinary team that operates independently and takes end2end responsibility.
  3. Building trust.
  4. Mentoring skills as key skills for development employees on my team – How to go from a task oriented discussion to a process oriented discussion of personal and professional development.
  5. Developing a systemic perspective (organizational and product based) and translating it into influential and decision-making processes.
  6. Developing my monitoring tools to strike the proper balance between Zoom In and Zoom Out.
  7. Develop my organization – How to lead my group’s organizational development by implementing a structured process.
  8. Upward Management – How to make an upward impact…
The content and its scope is adapted to each organization based on its specific needs and attributes.
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