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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Gadi Lifshitz


M.A. Clinical Psychology, Bar-Ilan University
With extensive experience of almost 15 years in consultancy processes and individual / corporate development, Gadi specializes in leading of organizational change processes, designing of organizational structures, processes and role definitions, and this in addition to his experience in implementation of solutions for effective leadership in complex organizational environments (development of partnerships, implementation of core teams, etc.). Moreover, Gadi is also involved in the implementation of various leadership programs in Israel and abroad using different methodologies, and in provision of personal consultancy services to executives and HR departments in development of strategies and core processes. As part of his consultancy, Gadi applies unique global methodologies of emotional intelligence and Employee Engagement. In addition, Gadi also provides family and couple therapy services.

Yael Rash Idan


M.A. Organizational-Applied Sociology, Haifa University
Yael has been involved in organizational consulting since 1996, arriving at the field after having acquired managerial experience. She specializes in leading and accompanying of organizational changes, leadership development and organizational development processes including: Planning and accompaniment of organizational changes taking the external business environment into account; mergers and acquisitions;  creating  organizational and departmental visions & values; execution of organizational identification processes;  designing of organizational structures, work processes and definition of roles that are derived from changing needs within the market and organization; performance assessments; shaping of knowledge and learning processes within organizations; execution of leadership development programs using advanced learning methods and provision of personal consultancy to executives.