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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Tahel Organizational Practices Specializes in improving the ability of people in organizations to initiate, execute and implement changes - strategic and systemic, structural, managerial, procedural and cultural.

All this at the level of the entire organization, different units as well as changes on a personal level.

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, Tahel has been assisting organizations to develop concepts and tools that are essential to their business, corporate & managerial success.

Most company customers are leading corporate bodies from Israel and abroad. Together, we lead and accompany various processes of change and growth in partnership, commitment and empathy.

Our customers choose us as their trusted professional partners for a long period of time and at different junctures in their personal and organizational life cycle/

As of 2009, our company is a member of the global “Genos International” network which specializes in the development of assessment and learning tools in areas of Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement. Tahel successfully implements Genos tools with many local and global processes.

In addition, we are certifying consultants, trainers and coaches to use Genos tools & to be able to successfully implement these unique tools in their routine work on an independent basis. We conduct certification programs in Israel and in Europe.

We believe that the optimal solution in every process we implement in organizations must incorporate integration between:
  • Business: Understanding of the business environment in which the organization operates and the nature of its business - business strategy.
  • Organizations: Characteristics of the organizational systematic approach and the company's culture & climate
  • People: Style, behavior characteristics, uniqueness, abilities and skills, ambitions.

To be a better people...
In most of the processes we implement in organizations, the content we deliver is always linked to the personal lives of the participants, connecting to issues such as parenting & relationship in general. All for the purpose of contributing to their development as human beings.

Core values:
  • Integrity - Pprofessional and personal
  • Accountability – taking personal accountability for the success of processes we lead and of the people with which we work.
  • Courage - To tell the perceived truth with sensitivity but with assertiveness, even at the expense of popularity.
  • Modesty – "We are not young enough to know everything".
  • Partnership and caring - Because trust and intimacy are the basis for every success, especially in the "moment of truth".
  • Creativity and flexibility – We reinvent ourselves in the vast majority of projects in which we are involved.