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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Emotional intelligence is one of the proven factors of success (scientific and practical) in the professional world, in relationships, and in parenthood.

Since 1995, when the concept of "Emotional Intelligence" was first introduced in a book by Daniel Goleman, the world have made great progress in understanding the concept, defining its characteristics, and in developing designated assessment and learning tools.

However, the only methodology that is specifically tailored for the corporate world, with full validation in both research and implementation, was developed by Genos and its affiliates round the world.

We at Tahel apply Genos's methodology and tools which are integrated in many customer processes. By this, we provide our customers with significant added value.

Tahel integrates Genos's assessment and development tools into various processes of change and learning, and into various aspects of organizational development such as:  leadership development programs, change management processes, key talents, complexity, development of individual contributors, team development, personal consultancy.

In addition, Tahel is also engaged in the certification of consultants and consulting firms in Israel and Europe such that they are able to implement these unique tools into their own customer's.  With getting Genos certification, consultants & trainers can increase their own customer base and provide an identifiable added value to their existing customers.

The Genos El Model
What is it that makes the Genos El methodology so unique?
  • It is tailored for the corporate world.
  • It is a broad and deep methodology that includes seven core skills for emotional intelligence, each of which defines three behavioral skills which may be acquired.
  • It includes designated kits and learning tools for each of the seven skills.
  • It delivers valid, effective and eye-opening assessment tools.
  • It includes self-assessments, 360 assessments, group reports, a report that presents curve of improvement following training and a report that supports screening processes.