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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Organizations are becoming increasingly complex (a range of disciplines, complex solutions that require good cooperation, multiple sites in different continents, Headquarter Vs. business & operational units, , lack of integrated resources, and more).
Accordingly, organizations are required to implement an approach, processes and skills that support the ability to ensure the effectiveness of all horizontal activity and of the core processes which have a significant impact on successful achievement of their business objectives.
Tahel has extensive experience in leading of learning processes that promote effectiveness within complex organization:

  1. Core team: Appointment and integration of permanent horizontal core teams for leading of core business processes in a structured methodology.
  2. Management of interfaces – Development of cross-enterprise collaboration between different units and functionaries of the organization.
  3. Course for development of leadership skills for project managers
  4. A learning process for managers and individual contributors, with focus on learning of relevant skills such as:
  •  Systemic approach
  • Building Trust
  • Leading decision-making
  • Influence tactics
  • Initiation, planning and implementation of processes
  • Effective management of interfaces and horizontal teams
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence skills that contribute to all of the skills required for leadership positions in complex organizations