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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Our Programs for leadership in learning groups or individual consultation are at all times directed to implementation of leadership perception, style and skills that supports the ability to cope & lead effectively in a demanding & changing business & organizational environment.

We facilitating learning groups using the "Learning Matrix" methodology (multi-dimensional learning – delivery, practice, hands-on experience and assimilation), focusing on two channels of learning in parallel: content and process.

In the Content channel, in addition to the content dealing with development of managerial and leadership skills, the content itself is cast onto the personal lives of the participants – parenthood and interpersonal relationships (direct impact on the quality of the personal lives of executives).

In the Process Channel, we enables the participants to develop capacity for personal responsibility, openness, emotional maturity and initiative.

Our solutions in leadership development are as follows:
  • Leadership development with emphasis on change management.
  • Complexity – Development of mid-level managers and directors, development of "corporate intelligence" (leadership in complex environments, systematic approach, leading of decision making processes, emotional intelligence, change management).
  • Employee engagement  - Based on Genos's and Tahel's unique methodology
  • First time managers
  • Development of future management? עתודה ניהולית
  • Personal consulting to managers